“Coming Recession/Correction To Bailout Dems Inconsistency?” or “Prez Xi Rolls Dice With The Left?”

“Coming Recession/Correction To Bailout Dems Inconsistency?” or “Prez Xi Rolls Dice With The Left?”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The perpetual desire to uncover classified and shadowy information per the government has been top of the agenda free press wise since cutting cord with the Queen. Getting the scoop usually paid off in getting the Pulitzer. Just ask 1970 WaPo boys Woodward and Bernstein and how they swayed Deep Throat.

So the Democrats released the dogs in attempting to influence or more accurately intimidate DOJ head Bill Barr to release a full unredacted Mueller report (doesn’t appear to me Barr is intimidatable-new word). But then curiously none of the Dems given the privilege to read the less redacted report showed up for that task. They believed reading it aloud would show their vigilance and commitment to the American public. Honest they really thought that?

But when President Donald gave Barr authority to release classified information regarding the origins of the MR, talk about a freak out. They shrilled it was no time to peek behind the curtain and it would only threaten every intelligence agent. How do they miss the overwhelming inconsistency of their actions? That’s why golf is a great tell of character, it reveals our inconsistencies, or lack of, quickly and obviously. That was a six not a five Donald.

I keep hoping Dems square up their conversation/platform so as to bring a truly consistent, prepared candidate to the forefront. Checks & balances please. I have to admit Trump has made his inconsistency a strength. If you are truly interested in how he pulls that off read “Winning Bigly” by Dilbert creator Scott Adams a bona fide master of influence. Fascinating angle by a self described extreme liberal. Every Democratic candidate should read it, yet I imagine few if any have? It’s interesting how outrage takes you off your dime…on both sides.

The supporting breeze of steady economic growth is about to shift to headwinds as the China Trade War escalates. It appears to me Prez Xi would rather negotiate with Joe Biden, who doesn’t think they pose a danger, let alone a competitor? Wonder why he has been Hiden lately? China is playing long ball with a state run economy while the US runs the sprints quarterly for investors and every two years for voters. Another instructive read “The Hundred Year Marathon” by Michael Pillsbury reveals the short and long of it clearly. And is also a must read for our leaders. Bottom line gotta start teaching the grandkids Mandarin.  [/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1309″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]My thinking is Xi escalates the Trade War (I hope Trump doesn’t cave) which leads to a global recession actually initiated by their slowing tariff wounded economy. But he is willing to take that hit to eliminate President Donald (slim chance for Trump in a recession and a market down 30-40%). The recession will initiate a slow to moderate implosion of the crushing debt levels globally. The falling economy and stock market will reveal all the excesses/vulnerabilities hiding in the shadows. Possibly pushing towards a deeper and extensive recession? I explain this in more detail in my market letter last week. I know most don’t want to hear this happy talk, but reality reveals the dominoes are in place. It’s better to be informed than scared.

So President Xi appears to now be supporting the Dems? If you think just the Russians are culprits, probably short sighted. Do you think North Korea stopped with Sony? How about Iran’s super cyber hacking abilities? Electioneering is just a component of overall espionage strategies. Guess what…we do it to.

If this plays out as I have fantasized here, when the investigations begin regarding China meddling in 2021 the winning Dems response will be “nothing to see here keep moving along.”

I do have to admire them as they are consistent with their inconsistencies.

Final Thought
My last fortune cookie![/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1344″][vc_column_text]More later,
Max Power            


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