“President Donald’s Past & Future Collide”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]President Donald’s past and future collided Wednesday when he met with North Korean Prez Kim while at about the same time his former fixer Michael Cohen met with the House. The partisanship on the Hill was thick and authenticity absent. If not for Elijah Cummings hitting all the right notes at the end I would have said it was mostly a waste of time. Actually if you saw none of it, Elijah is all you need to watch.

The Irony
My thirty year spite towards Donald Trump never truly wavered from escalator to inauguration. His book should have been titled The Art Of The Con, his dismantling of the USFL shameful, shafting vendors, his advice on The Apprentice being not well thought through and mostly sucking, and his relentless Birther crap all are consistent with the type of person I attempt to avoid in life. Putting his arm around you with one hand and lifting your wallet with the other. The trail of relationship carnage is truly overwhelming.

Then he took office and the outcomes began to sprout. Deregulation, judge appointees (if you lean conservative), tax and criminal justice reform, lowest minority unemployment rates ever, VA overhaul, ISIS dismantling and holding the collective feet of China, North Korea, NATO, and others to the fire. I have never seen so many productive outcomes (IMO) from the Oval Office in such short order in my life. Obviously if you are a never Trumper you may disagree.

Listening to Cohen, who was a cross between the proverbial deer and the puppy beaten since birth, you have to imagine many of the designing things he claimed are true. But then again that’s just another day in DC? Unfortunately for the Dems it does not appear they are prosecutable, let alone collusion like. I don’t think I heard that word the whole day? Cohen’s theme matched my thirty year spite pretty closely…at least it certainly rhymed.

If the Mueller report is filed soon it probably will be disappointing for the anti-Trumpers. My take is if he had something material he would have already thrown that book at Stone? And do you think Mueller would let Cohen steal his thunder? If that is the case it is clearly apparent that is not going to stop the can’t get over Trump winning crowd. The mudslinging will intensify into November 2020. The only folks happy about the vitriol and divisiveness are the media and Presidents Putin/Xi.

The Silver Lining
If they are able to impeach Trump that could be the catalyst to start the deep repair work needed to bring us back to connected tribe status akin to post 9/11. Remember when you could talk to ALL your family and neighbors? If he goes through 2024 I just can’t imagine the left ever letting go of their Trump bone. And reconciliation then is likely as a non-nuclear North Korea.  

Final Thought –
“I think I’m much more humble than you would understand” – President Donald

More later,
Max Power

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