“Recipe To Close Dem’s 2020 Credibility Gap?”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As I have noted on my website, I am neither Republican or Democrat or even Libertarian. I am an issues guy looking for solid solutions to challenging problems/opportunities. I strongly believe we need a constructive two party (three party might even be better Howard?) system for legitimate checks and balances along with synergies that solo’s can’t create.

Obviously the current vitriol is a significant problem and if continues on its trajectory will no doubt take us the way of the Roman Empire. Remember every super power that has ever been has become not a super power. At this point it appears to be just a question of timing?

I have watched the Democrats of late and am honestly hoping they bring a credible personality and platform to the 2020 conversation. Many of the current strategies/ processes are falling way short. Very rarely have I considered shrill an effective delivery. The exception was when my sister tried to annoy me as kids. That was effective.

2020 is going to be won by those in between the moderate left and moderate right. That is where I fall with a large swath I believe thinks similar to me. I realize many only resonate with sound bites. But well sequenced sound bites can enlighten and inspire long term loyalty more so than fear mongering.

Freshmen Rep twenty nine year old AOC proclaims she’s the boss, that’s not credible. Calling people racist who disagree with you, that’s not credible. Impeachment as your major and sometimes only platform, that’s not credible. Telling your counter balancing news organization they are out of the debate process, that’s not credible.

Here’s an idea – Healthcare in the US is 18% of GDP while the rest of the world averages less than 10%. Strong opportunity there other than banging on single payer. Amazon, JP Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway all run by billionaire Dems put together a healthcare concern titled Haven. Why not get involved with them in a genuine effort to reduce the 18% #. Too easy.


The income gap is absolutely a long term economic problem for the country. The Fed’s wealth effect crisis recovery strategy (QE) during the Obama years widened this gap substantially. Bring business titans together to address this issue (it is also endemic for the world’s richest country to experience this) and develop credible strategies to tax the QE windfall the wealthy continue to receive without alienating them. Plans to spend the $ well helps the cause.

The New Green Deal is a move in the right direction with a strategy/process that appears impossible to execute (much shrill delivery too)? Again bring business titans in the energy, tech, manufacturing, etc. arenas to put something out more palatable/doable. Europe has a frosty relationship with Trump, bring them into the conversation.

Putting these ideas on the table with nuance makes much more sense than bomb throwing. The disparate, table pounding, and undisciplined delivery takes away from your credibility (even David Axelrod is pleading). You need to take the lessons of Hillary and absolutely avoid making that mistake again. All this goes double for your media hounds. Their relentless drumming (which help lose 2016) may fire up the base, but leaves much of the middle shaking their heads.

For the sake of the country get your act together! I am rooting for you.

Just sayin’.

Final Thought –
“Leadership is not about the next election, it is about the next generation”    – Simon Sinek

More later,
Max Power[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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