“Schulz To Level Presidential Playing Field”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Welcome to the inaugural Max Power blog “Square That Up Please?” Much of what I will share in this space are lessons learned from engaging that unforgiving mentor the stock market. And today’s rant is directly related.

Sentiment with equities is often a key indicator and usually of the contrarian variety. Too much bearishness and the market is sure to bottom, too much bullishness…TIMBER. James Dines wrote a book titled Mass Psychology documenting the dynamic precisely. So when Starbucks founder and lifelong democrat Howard Schulz announced his candidacy as an Independent he created a tsunami like knee jerk reaction, and not just from Dems. The story blew up social media (don’t you love it when we constantly refine ways to advance knee jerk) with one of the swiftest, broadest overreactions (IMO) of late I can recall.

On the face Ross Perot and Jill Stein are easy targets to justify the reaction. But if the masses are wrong again, what will the impact Schulz have on the Presidential playing field? I am not deep in the loop of Schulz’s policies and am very interested in hearing them. He claims not being beholden to a party or the money fueled power lobbyists for his decision. The nerve!

What is different this time is the level of vitriol between the extremes and the amount of disgust with the middle to moderate voters. That dynamic could lead to a legitimate third party voice forcing the extremes to tone it down. A well articulated and run campaign could capture some Trump voters as well. Especially those who just could not vote for Hillary. Supposedly some exit polling in ’92 asking voters if they would have voted for Perot if they thought he could win shows he would have won if they had voted for him.

I said I would keep this short so I will wrap this up by saying Schulz will make a difference, but it will not be the one the masses believe it will. Hopefully it will end up providing a legitimate fresh angle to this toxic playing field. It can’t be any worse than 2016 where many voted for who they disliked the least.

Final Thought –

“The enemy isn’t conservatism. The enemy isn’t liberalism. The enemy is bullsh**t!”   – Lars-Erik Nelson

More later,
Max Power

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