“The Express Lane From Group Think To Tone Deaf?”

“The Express Lane From Group Think To Tone Deaf?”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A couple of events unfolded last week had me scratching my head and muttering “What are you thinking?” Group think is a dynamic which has gathered momentum in our political/cultural playing fields the last couple of decades. It’s a cancer for critical thinking especially when coupled with confirmation bias. The apparent urge to feel connected with others sways our thought process so as not to feel left out or possibly offend someone in the tribe. It is a key component why smart people do dumb things.  

The Alabama Senate voted last week to make abortion illegal for all situations except when the health of the mother is in jeopardy. So rape and incest would not be a reason for a woman to have an abortion even prior to the fetal hear beat being detected (usually around 5 weeks). The bill dictates a doctor performing an illegal abortion could receive 10-99 years in prison. It is the most restrictive measure regarding abortion and will obviously be contested in the courts.

The group think here is the bill vote was 25-6 and all yes votes cast by white male Republicans. Can you bring anymore of a tone deaf decision to the table? We know these men are not deep down the rabbit hole of what it is like to experience the life changing trauma of being raped? And then having to take the pregnancy to term? And knowing you have a child from that harrowing event, are you obligated to raise her/him as well? The lack of empathy and insight is so over the top. Female Gov Kay Ivey signed it and has some splaining to do. I would be very disappointed if the women of Alabama don’t rise up and help to overwhelmingly defeat this bill and these men/Gov. I am not a fan of abortion as a regular form of birth control, but I find this incredibly demeaning to women.

The other event that unfolded were Democrats choosing to read the Mueller Report aloud. Mary Gay Scanlon, D-PA, led the effort and said “this is not a ploy.” So she is telling us she truly thought people were going to listen to this marathon session and it was truly a public service? I am neither Republican or Democrat, but am rooting for the Dems to mount a viable strategy to keep the checks and balances alive in our two party system. I have to admit I am constantly disappointed as I continue to see action that helps more than hurts President Donald. This clearly was a ploy and telling me it is not shows a distinct lack of insight and hence credibility.

These people make a poor initial decision and then are oblivious to the optics, doubling down on their apparent lack of critical thinking? The key to the next election is both parties connecting with independents and moderates on the other side. This bipartisan group think tone deaf process works against each in attempting to connect with the undecideds. I only see it as momentum to legitimatizing a third party.

That is an analysis from the political angle of the topic. From the human aspect it is just a clear example of smart people doing dumb things.

Final Thought –
“He who laughs last…doesn’t get it!”  –  Brian Spellman

More later,
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